About us

Residential, Nursing and Specialist Dementia Care in Norfolk

Since 1999 our family-owned business has been helping the people of Norfolk and beyond to make the most of later life, offering specialist care, support and high quality accommodation throughout our family of care homes and assisted living developments.

People. Not Patients

We believe in people, not patients. We provide everything our residents need in the widest sense: considerate care, a fulfilling life and support for their friends and families. We build relationships with every resident finding out about their lives, their interests, their likes and dislikes so that we can help them live their lives the way they choose to.

Dedicated Staff

The heart of our service is 24-hour residential and nursing care with dedicated, well trained staff. Our carers receive rigorous training and are passionate about caring - treating residents as if they are their own family. Everyone who lives at a Castlemeadow home is recognised as an individual who is entitled to respect, dignity, love, fun and laughter in a homely, safe environment.

Personalised Support

Keeping independence is a high priority for most older people so we encourage residents and their loved ones to be actively involved in their care. Together we create personalised care plans that ensure individual health, wellbeing and care needs are continually met. And we aim to make life fun and stimulating.  Getting to know our residents' hobbies and what they enjoy doing goes into our activity planning which includes trips out, games, events, arts, crafts and much more.